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Handmade Papers

Handmade papers

The paper making process One ton of traditional Indian handmade paper, produced from cotton rag waste and others. Handmade paper, as the name suggests is made by hands using a mould, which is a frame covered with a flat, rigid screen or flexible screen. The mould is covered by a flat frame which stores the run-off of wet pulp. The wet mat of fibers remaining in the newly formed sheet is then dried against blankets & may be hot pressed, cold pressed, or air dried.

It was traditionally made using vegetable fibers and cotton rags and boiling them in hot water and chemicals to break down the fibres. Recycled paper was also used to make hand paper.

Handmade Paper Products

Handmade paper products

Handmade paper products are becoming popular for its beauty and aesthetic appeal and is also being used to make attractive products like decorative wrappers, invitation cards, greeting cards, envelopes, shopping bags, boxes,tags etc. This specialty paper is being used the world over for its quality and eye catching appeal. Tye and dye, batik, motifs, geometrical prints, abstract designs, floral prints are imprinted onto hand paper for special effects and for use during important personal and corporate occasions.